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Jess Mariano
Lorelai Gilmore
Rory Gilmore
Luke Danes
Sookie St. James
Lane Kim
Paris Geller
Emily Gilmore
Richard Gilmore
Michel Gerard
Dean Forester
Jess Mariano

Birthday: July 8, 1977
Birthplace: Anaheim, California

At the tender age of 8 Ventimiglia told his parents that in 20 years
he was going to win an Academy Award, demonstrating his love for
acting and ambition to become an accomplished actor. All through
High school, he made it quite clear acting was what he wanted to do,
and that he was good at it. He's since played everything from a
hormonal 15 year old in the hilarious sitcom "Opposite Sex" (2000)
to a murderer in his guest appearance in C.S.I.: Crime Scene
Investigation (2001).

He studied at University of California and the San Francisco's
American Conservatory Theatre and because of his hard work and
determination has been cast in various movies and TV shows and
done guest-appearences for various television shows, such as
Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and CSI. Not to
mention his commercials for the Mountain Dew, Apple, Estee Lauder,
T-Mobile and Chrysler. He also has a great interest in directing and
hopes to get involved in the action behind the camera.

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Jess was Rory's second boyfriend. Jess loves Rory, but moved away from Stars Hollow when he found out that he wasn't graduating highschool. He is really funny and shares Rory's love for books. But this guy has some serious commitment issues.