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Luke Danes
Lorelai Gilmore
Rory Gilmore
Luke Danes
Sookie St. James
Lane Kim
Paris Geller
Emily Gilmore
Richard Gilmore
Michel Gerard
Dean Forester
Jess Mariano


Birthday: Sept. 11 1958
Hometown: Philadelphia

Height: 6'

Scott Patterson was born in Philadelphia, and raised in New Jersey. He attended Rutgers University. He was also on the MBA teams the Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers.

He began studying acting in New York with renowned acting coaches Robert Lewis and Sondra Lee. He was exposed to the teachings of such luminaries as Paul Newman, Arthur Penn and Frank Corsaro at The Actors Studio. Since then, Scott Patterson has performed in many productions such as Rasputin, Miss Julie, Little Big League, Three Wishes, Highway 395 and Rhapsody in Bloom. In 2000 he got the part of Luke in the TV show Gilmore Girls.

Scott Patterson currently lives in L.A.

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Luke Danes owns Lukes Diner , in Stars Hollow. He is a really good cook, and he loves Lorelai Gilmore, ever since the beginning of the series. He always wears a plaid shirt and a backwards baseball cap, except on special occasions. He has been married once, to Nicole Leahy. He has a nephew named Jess.