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Sookie St. James
Lorelai Gilmore
Rory Gilmore
Luke Danes
Sookie St. James
Lane Kim
Paris Geller
Emily Gilmore
Richard Gilmore
Michel Gerard
Dean Forester
Jess Mariano

Birthname: Melissa McCarthy
Birthday: August 26 1969
Birthplace: Plainfield, Illinois

Melissa McCarthy was born and raised in Plainfield Illinois. She is a natural comedian, first making her mark with stand-up comedy. She also loved acting, having dramatic training, and acting lessons. In 2000 she got the part of Sookie on Gilmore Girls as Sookie.
Since moving to Los Angeles, McCarthy's quick wit gets a workout almost every weekend as a member of The Groundlings Main Company, a world-renowned improv and sketch troupe. McCarthy's recent television and feature film work includes roles in Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Life of David Gale, with Kevin Spacey. Her previous credits include White Oleander with Michelle Pfeiffer, Pumpkin with Christina Ricci and Go, directed by Doug Liman. She currently lives in L.A. She also recently turned her creative attentions to writing, directing and producing, creating the short film Polk Valley and playing the main character.

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Sookie is the chef at the DragonFly Inn, which she also owns with Lorelai. She is clumsy sometimes, but has a heart of gold. She is a married woman, with one child, and one on the way, and she loves Stars Hollow, Lorelai, and Rory with all her heart.