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Paris Geller
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Paris Geller
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Jess Mariano

Birthday: June 5 1977
Hometown: Landsdale, PA

Height: 5' 4"

Although born in New Jersey, she spent most of her childhood years travelling Europe with her parents. When she was 12 years old, her and her family settled in Landsdale Pennsylvania. Her mother took her to audition after audition, and finally, when she was 16, she began searching the streets for her own auditions.

Her first acting jobs came in regional theatre, summer stock and off-Broadway plays. At 18, Weil moved to the city to pursue her dream full-time. She began doing student films at Columbia University, which led to an audition for an independent film called Whatever. Weil landed the lead in the coming-of-age drama and made her film debut. Her other film credits include Stir of Echoes opposite Kevin Bacon, and Dragonfly, with Kevin Costner.

She is known for her role as Paris on Gilmore Girls.

 After shooting Stir of Echoes, Weil moved to Los Angeles, landing memorable guest-starring appearances in ER, as the wife of a murderous schizophrenic patient, and The West Wing as an intern responsible for leaking a White House staffer's drug and alcohol problem. Last year she appeared as a rape victim on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

As often as she can, Weil travels back to the East Coast from L.A. She is a film and video enthusiast.

Currently she is still shooting Gilmore Girls. 

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Paris is a very controlling person... if she doesn't get her way... then WATCH OUT!! She attended Chilton and Yale with Rory and they are very close. Rory is Paris's best friend. She has dated Jamie, a Princeton student, and her 60-year-old professer Asher Flemming. She is very strange but hilarious.