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Emily Gilmore
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Emily Gilmore
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Birthday: Feb. 28
Hometown: Colo. Springs

Kelly Bishop grew up in Colorado Springs, where she first trained to be a ballet dancer. She landed her first dancing job in a year long ballet at Radio City Music Hall. Golden Rainbow was her very first Broadway Role.

Her big break came when she was cast as the sexy, hard-edged Sheila in "A Chorus Line." She won Tony and Drama Desk Awards for her performance, giving her the confidence she needed to eventually leave the acclaimed original ensemble to pursue a dramatic acting career. She got the part of Emily Gilmore on the hit TV show Gilmore Girls in 2000. 

When she's not working, Bishop practices Pilates and aerobics, and enjoys gardening and hiking near her home in New Jersey, where she lives with her husband, TV talk show host Lee Leonard.

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Emily Gilmore is Lorelai's mother. She is very social, very controlling, and belongs to the D.A.R group. She is very rich, and spends her money on ridiculous things. She hires a new maid every 5 seconds. She paid for Rory's school, so automatically she thinks that she is a big part of the Gilmore Girl's life.