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Birthday: March 17 1970
Hometown: Montreal, QC

Michel was born in Montreal QC.

His first big break came with a starring role in "He Shoots, He Scores," a hugely popular Canadian television series about hockey. A six-year role on the series "The Duval Family" followed, during which Truesdale also found time to co-host a live daytime talk show for teenagers called "Special Delivery."

Though Yanic (pronounced Ya-neek) Truesdale is a fresh face to American audiences, he has been one of Canada's busiest and most popular actors for years. He made his American television debut in "Gilmore Girls," the first role he auditioned for after relocating to Los Angeles. His performance as the arrogant Frenchman, Michel, prompted Daily Variety to select him as one of the "10 Actors to Watch" last season.

On stage, his hilarious performance as the maid in the long-running Canadian production of "The Bird Cage," earned him rave reviews.

After many professional accomplishments in Canada, Truesdale decided it was time for new challenges. He studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York and moved to Los Angeles, which he now calls home, and enjoys dual citizenship. The self-described "movie maniac" sees several films each week, and also enjoys writing and traveling.

Truesdale was later nominated for a Gemini Award (the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy) for playing the only black child of white parents on the sitcom "Roommates." The role mirrored his own life offscreen, as Truesdale was raised solely by his mother, who is Caucasian.


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Michel Gerard is the French concierge at the DragonFly Inn. He is *very* pleasant and he loves his Chow puppys! He has a weird relationship with Sookie and Lorelai, but even though Michel can be annoying, he's very funny.